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Things that irk me tremendously.


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Guys in Skirts.
They are sexy, it looks cool, and it shows the guy has confidence. Why aren't guys allowed to wear skirts at school? Joseph wore my skirt, and the school called his dad, accused him of being gay, and then said it offended people. They also mentioned that he could trip over the skirt. So could any girl! Hell, I tripped over it when I wore it. The only person it offends is Mr. Downs. And I have several gay guy friends, and none of them wear skirts.
Mark wore my skirt, and the school called his parents to bring him pants, even though he already had shorts in his bookbag. Why? What was the point? Do the parents really need to know? They had to take time out of their day to drive to the school. Damn those administrators.

My Parents.
They don't trust me with anything. They think I'm a slut, and a liar, and stupid and a slob. Even when I get straight A's, clean the house, prove that I'm not lying..they always want more. I'm never enough for them. My brother gets d's and c's, they buy him things and tell him what a great kid he is and how smart he is. My parents rarely buy me anything, want me to take care of them and my brother and everything, blame me for anything that goes wrong even if I'm not around to cause it. They expect me to fix everything they break and do it with a smile on my face. Why?

The way people type online.
HeY hOw r u dOiN? I M fYnE 2dAy.
Doesn't that make you want to rip your hair out? It does to me. I can understand such things as typing "gtg" and "brb" but when you completely butcher everything you type into a single letter, it makes me mad. Typing in ToGgLe pisses me off the most. Who's idea was it to invent that, anyway? It looks SO STUPID. Not to mention all the time it takes. It is so much nicer for everyone's eyes and sanity to take your time and type everything out. If it's that important, call them or meet them somewhere and talk about it.