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Hi Joseph, my sexy mexican skirtboy! You should wear skirts more! I love you! Will you be my girlfriend? Lol...I love your fucked up bunny rabbit! Ms. Ray is EVIL.
KATY! EYE love you so much! AM I?!?!?! What if Louis turned black? That would be so weird...What if my green was your purple? HE WASN'T JUST A TURTLE!
Hi Carmina! I love you muchly. Care bears!! Molest-a-bear! Lmao...why can't we ever rememeber why we are laughin in 2nd period? "Horseback riding!" Maybe you should break one of those cherries off your bracelet...Heh...
Hello Joey. We still need to go to the zoo. And I need to get that megaphone so we can pretend to be cops and pull old people over that drive too damn slow. Yay. Old people suck. *shoves you*

I love you Phylicia! Travis is NOTHING. Say hi to your Lobster for me! Wee I'm a little birdie getting shot by a penis! I am going to miss having you in English. SOCK MONKEYS ARE AWESOME!
Mark! I love you. Will you be my friend? We don't have many inside jokes. Does Jessica and her sexual escapades count as one? Oh well..."Life's a bitch and then you die!" ~ my mom. Aww, its so cute! Psycho spider psycho spider! *little jump thingy*
Louis! Hello sexy emo kid. I LOVE YOU MORE DAMMIT! Katy is mine, but I'll share. We don't have any inside jokes. Oh well.
Hi Carly, love. Put vaseline on my tits! Will you have my children? You have a nice big ass. Wish I had an ass..You are really sexy though. Yay. I don't think we have any inside jokes. Oh well. I still love you.

Tiffany! Hi! I can't wait till you move back to Florida so I can meet you and we can hang out! You are an awesome writer, I can't wait to read the next part of the story!
Hey Angie! I love you MORE! We have way too many inside jokes. SQUEEREL! Crickets! Mountain Dew! Guess What? Andrew is gay? Lmao...thanks for being my friend.
Hi Sara! I like you! Lol..Why are you wet? You work at a wet place? Hi, I'm gay. I can type wiff my teef! I rode an elephant and it was huge! Lmfao...
Hi Betty, Chink #2! You are sexy. I love your stripey socks and shoelaces. Let's be Joseph's slaves! Yay! Scratch it sister scratch it!! Scratch your tounge, it's so cute! I love you! I wish I had a mask made out of teeth! STAY IN THE LIGHT!